Committed Ownership

Growing a software company takes experience, inspiration, perseverance and long-term commitment. We believe that business owners need to focus their attention on building a sustainable business, and not on exiting that business. So worrying about exit strategies and exit horizons is not something the Forward team wastes its time on. We call it our “no exit” strategy.

Our success is your success

Forward actively participates in its group companies. Yes we invest money, but more importantly, we invest considerable amounts of time and expertise. The Forward partners have a long and successful track record in the enterprise software industry and support the group companies in many ways. Among others our Forward partners will often join the management teams of group companies for an extended period, helping to capitalize on sales opportunities or develop customer projects.

Putting our customers first

Forward Group Companies put their customers first. Our starting point is to thoroughly understand your business and the needs and expectations of your customers and other stakeholders.Our goal is to build life-long relationships with our customers. Solutions delivered by Forward Group Companies enable customers to become more customer-centric, more energized, more competitive and more profitable. Through this approach we build long-term, successful partnerships that benefit both parties.

Vision followed by execution

Members of the Forward Group need to have a clear vision on where their business is going. History proves that it is operational focus and ruthless execution that builds really great software companies that last. The Forward team drives the development of strategies and operations that generate results. This can include managing marketing and sales operations as well as streamlining product management and development.